Chronic Pain Management
Looking Normal on the Outside but Experiencing Pain on the Inside is a Common Weariness We all Face at some Point. Come Learn about Botox Therapeutic™ for Migraine Management from Dr. Ahmed and become headache free again.

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Mindful Self-Compassion
Mindfulness and self-compassion are the key to self-management when it comes to chronic pain. It is very important to be educated about your health, your pain and how to take care of yourself with a treatment plan.

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Beautiful Face Beautiful Soul
Lip Fillers, Cheek Contouring, Double Chin Fat Removal, Non-Surgical Nose Jobs, PRP- Vampire Facials, Dysport Injections. We Do it ALL! Call today for your free CONSULTATION!

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Sleep Wellness
It’s 3 AM, and despite Exercising regularly, Eating nutritiously & Avoiding caffeine...It's another Sleepless night. Insufficient sleep quality affects 1 out of 3 people. Learn the Health Boutique's method in developing a Sleep Routine for a Better You.

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HydraFacial MD
The most Amazing Facial out there. Dr. Ahmed's favourite is now being offered exclusively in Alberta at her clinic. It's so exciting to have great skin, come in for the special offer this month!

My name is Dr. Sana-Ara Ahmed, and I am a Canadian trained Medical Doctor & Specialist in Anesthesiology, Interventional Chronic Pain Medicine and Cosmetic Medicine Rejuvenation. As Founder of The Health BoutiqueTM, I am passionate about educating individuals in taking control of their own health & well-being. In this evolving age of busy lifestyles, it is important to develop self-awareness & most importantly create positive ideals and strategies about your health and lifestyle choices.

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