Medical Director - Dr. Sana-Ara Ahmed MD, FRCPC

My passion to transform the public attitude towards a self-care and preventative mind-set has guided my journey in creating the medical brand, The Health Boutique™. Follow me on social media to see my latest insights, projects and client testimonials.

I am excited to share my passion of medicine and integrate the expertise of my colleague allied health professionals into a personalized, holistic & compassionate experience for patients.

My Medical Career

After working in the fast-paced hospital operating rooms in both British Columbia & Ontario for many years, I have become inclined towards a holistic and preventative approach to health, well-being and chronic pain management. My journey has led me to the realization that I am best suited to interact with my patients as a medical leader of an integrated allied health team with the desire to advocate, educate & support patients facing challenging health diagnoses and chronic illnesses. My most important goal is to help my patients understand that they are the true champions of their health and it all starts with self-compassion and self-care. Truly Prevention is the Cure to Disease.

My Medical Qualifications

  • Canadian trained Medical Doctor (University of Saskatchewan, 2006)
  • Canadian FRCPC Qualified Anesthesiologist & Pain Specialist (University of British Columbia, 2011)
  • Additional Medical Training and Qualifications
    • Medical Education Fellowship (Toronto, 2012)
    • Crisis Resource Management & Medical Simulation Instructor (Toronto, 2013)
    • Chronic Pain Interventional Management (Toronto, 2014-15)
      • Cannabinoid Medicine specialist - Chronic pain, neuropathic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, auto-immune disease, oncology, seizure disorder and MS
      • Chronic migraine headache specialist - Botox therapeutic injector
      • Post-concussion syndrome management
      • Chronic pelvic pain management
      • Myofascial pain management
      • Musculoskeletal pain management
      • Fibromyalgia management
    • Medical Cosmetic facial rejuvenation certification (Calgary, 2013)
      • BoNT-A neuromodulators, HA dermal fillers, non-HA dermal fillers, mesotherapy, PRP & liquid face lifts
  • Clinical Anesthesia Experience
    • St. Paul's Hospital (Vancouver, 2011-12)
    • Royal Columbian Hospital (New Westminister, 2011-12)
    • St. Michael's Hospital (Toronto, 2012-14)
    • Private Surgical Out-of-Hospital Anesthesiologist (Toronto, 2014-Present)
  • Professional Affiliations
    • Registered licensed physician in Ontario, Alberta (CPSO, CPSA)
    • Registered specialist physician nationally (RCPSC)
    • Member of CAS (Canadian Anesthesiologist Society)
    • Member of ASRA (Anesthesiology Society for Regional Anesthesia) & Pain Management
    • Member of CAAM (Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine)
    • Member of CPS (Canadian Pain Society)
    • Member of Alberta Pain Society; Anesthesiologist Representative AMA Pain Sub-specialty
    • Member of Canadian Institute of Relief of Pain & Disability
    • Medical Advisor & Board Director, Chronic Pain Toronto
    • Medical Advisor, StrainPrint Mobile App

The Health Boutique™

It has been my dream to combine my various medical skills & talents. I am very grateful to practice anesthesia & pain management and teach mind-body medicine in a holistic manner. I am also very fortunate to fulfill my artistic ability as I truly enjoy visualizing & creating aesthetic beauty with cosmetic injectables for my clients. I believe coaching mindfulness practice and self-compassion to improve self-awareness and self-care are the pillars of developing healthy individuals, families & communities.

Come Join Us at The Health Boutique™ I would love to meet you, hear your story, and I truly hope to be part of your future health care experience.

"The key to achieving personal happiness and success is not being stronger or smarter than others. The key is having the self-compassion to recognize an opportunity and do something about it."
-- Dr. Sana-Ara Ahmed