Our Gold Standard: "Treat Everyone with Style & Grace"

You live a busy, fast-paced lifestyle and work hard to always be at your best, and you only want the best in return when you seek services or want results.

We at The Health Boutique™ recognize the importance of trusted advice and relied upon service. We understand the need for scientific-based results and high safety profiles for drugs and medical devices, especially when you as the client are paying out of pocket.

Therefore, we have implemented “The Health Boutique Gold Standard™. This gold standard is a guarantee that we at The Health Boutique guarantee high standards and only align ourselves with companies that match us on Quality & Care.


1. Personalized & Priority Care

We believe in listening and understanding our client's needs, not cookie-cuttering their care. Your well-being is our top-most priority and personalizing it to your specific goals, needs and best outcomes is our objective. We are ethical, compassionate & intelligent when it comes to individualizing your needs and caring for you.

2. Compassionate & Trustworthy Service

We believe in compassion, we demand integrity and we are known for reliability. You have come to us for care, and we make it our responsibility to attend to your needs and provide a concierge of services with respect & dignity.

3. A Common-Sense & Results-Driven Approach

We believe in good practical sense in medical decision making, we focus on logic and reason to develop care plans for effective results. You come to us wanting the best outcomes and we make this happen. We set specific goals and implement personalized approaches to match your needs concentrating on precise results.

4. Reputable & Safe Delivery

We believe in good reputation. Licensed by the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario & College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta, our clinic is structured by regulatory body practice guidelines and by provincial and federal guidelines as per Health Canada. We maintain affiliations with various medical associations and networks, in order to improve and acquire on-going medical knowledge and expertise. We are dedicated professionals who deliver a high and uniform set of safe standards to our clients. It is our guarantee that our level of service, knowledge and safety is beyond first-rate.

5. A Sophisticated & Exceptional Experience

We believe in pairing professionalism with a high quality of poise and refinement. With a combined experience of over 15 years in the public health care system of operating rooms and hospital clinics and medical offices, we have established a high decorum of professionalism. Our experience gives us wisdom, good taste and compassion. We enjoy engaging in our community and we encourage our client's to come & spend time with us to encounter a gracious and gratifying experience.