The Philosophy: "It Starts with Education"

Living in the 21st Century Age of instant gratification and too many choices can lead to feelings of disconnect from our lives. We hustle and grind our way through our careers, families and homes. Often what happens is we mask our feelings of stress. We become overwhelmed and this causes damage to our insides. How can we stay healthy when we are so stressed?

Medicine has evolved with advancements in technology and science. Th e problem lies in this simple fact: Modern day medicine is good at fixing the ill-effects of rough living. Unfortunately this is not as helpful as learning how to live well.

How do we go back to an era of holistic care? Many of us seek alternative health options such as acupuncture for pain, or homeopathy for allergy management. However, this does not address the issue of prevention or take in to account that our industrial advancements do in fact benefit us.

How do we change and improve taking better care of ourselves? The answer lies in helping our clients and patients take ownership of their health. We help them re-connect with their bodies in a guided & compassionate manner.

Our Philosophy at The Health Boutique? "It all Starts with Education"

We believe the first step in illness prevention is to face our fears by acquiring knowledge. To improve our knowledge about our body, how it works and what ailments arise from poor lifestyle choices is the first step in Health Literacy. The next step is to learn how to care for yourself to prevent disease and how to manage the outcomes if diagnosed.

Dr. Sana-Ara Ahmed has a passion for teaching patients how to manage their health and prevent illness and she loves sharing her expertise on skin care and the beauty industry. Uniquely as well, her talent in building networks brings the Health Boutique an array of experts and speakers to share their insights.

Join the conversation and take part in the informative, engaging and refreshing Health Boutique Seminars delivered by Dr. Sana-Ara Ahmed, FRCPC.