Chronic Pain Management

The biggest challenge when we have pain, is that we tend to look normal on the outside making it nearly impossible for others to even know what we are dealing with. Unless we have had surgery, or are in a cast - to the outside world we are just like them - and the headache, the back ache, the tense shoulder and arm, the sore hip or knee - is largely misunderstood and we are subtly conditioned to ignore our pain needs.

Most of us are very fortunate, and we don't often encounter severe, debilitating pain or experience chronic pain syndromes. But, on the occasion we do injure ourselves by either arching our back too much while reaching overhead or twisting a knee playing sports or simply bending down incorrectly to lift up a child we suddenly find ourselves at the mercy of over-the-counter medications and random pieces of advice.

Understanding your pain and providing compassionate treatment is the goal at The Health Boutique. If you suffer from a chronic pain symptom, or need advice on a recent injury - we provide top-notch care and support. Our expertise will bring you confidence and our network of treatment options will bring you ease.

Sometimes it will take more than just one visit, and oftentimes you will still feel frustrated or overwhelmed by the pain you are feeling despite a treatment plan. Please do not lose hope - along side therapeutic options - We provide mindfulness coaching, and practical behavioural modifications to assist you in achieving the normal feeling you want and deserve.

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