Strainprint™ Track your Cannabis Use

Dr. Sana-Ara Ahmed was dreaming of a day when she could have real time data to help her patients regarding their medical cannabis use. It started off last year in 2016 when she was asked by a Health Informatics company from San Francisco to help develop a mobile app for patients. Timing was not right, and the idea was tabled only to reappear in Toronto this past Spring 2017. .

Dr. Ahmed attends the annual CCIC conference in Toronto, and this year there was a buzz about a new mobile application for medical cannabis patients to track their use. Excited to hear this, she had the opportunity to link with the COO and CCO and next thing she knew history was being made.

Here is the Press Release announcing Dr. Sana-Ara Ahmed as Medical Advisor for Strainprint™. A dream come true, and the opportunity to be a leader in establishing data for the use of medical cannabis for pain management, insomnia and anxiety.


Our mission is to help people use cannabis in the most effective way possible. By guiding patients to track their own cannabis intake, we will help to refine and improve treatment. It is our aim to advance the scientific understanding of cannabis and its legitimization as a therapy. You can download the app on Apple or Android devices.